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Manipur Blockade: Nagaland bound students helped by local volunteers to reach their destination

On 21st Dec, many students from Nagaland and other NE stats who have been undertaking their studies in Manipur were stranded at Imphal with no means to visit their respective states due to the prevailing communal tension arising out of the indefinite economic blockade by UNC on National Highways and counter economic blockade imposed in several pockets in the Imphal valley which have already hit 52 days with no sight of calling off anytime soon.

On learning about the stranded students, a group of like minded volunteers made arrangement to help the students in the spirit of humanity and incoming Christmas festival. The volunteers arranged vehicles and worked closely with United Committee Manipur (UCM) in order to work out a plan to transport the students across the counter blockade pockets in the Imphal valley.

UCM President Elangbam Johnson personally issued a passage letter requesting the respective local meira paibis and clubs residing along the road stretch to let the studens pass through in humanatarian ground.

Fianlly, the volunteers along with two UCM members were able to drop the 30 odd students belonging to Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikim etc beyond Sekmai.
From there, the students were picked up by other hill based CSOs’ till they reach their respective homes, safe and sound.



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