Peace Rally marched by Nagas, Kukis & Meeteis in Thangmeiband demanding to call off the ongoing economic blockade imposed by UNC


The Thangmeiband Rongmei Village Authority Council, TRVAC, Naharol Leishemba Club, Thangmeiband and Thangmeiband United Club jointly carried out a peace rally today from Thangmeiband Tarung Playground to Khuyathong Traffic Point, Imphal West demanding to call off the ongoing economic blockade imposed by UNC.

More than 2000 individuals of different communities which include Rongmei, Liangmei, Kom, Tangkhul, Zoumi, Kuki, Koireng, Chiru, Anal, Maring and Meitei took part in the rally.

Thangmeiband Rongmei Village, Village Chairman Panmei Meisaku said that the blockade imposed by UNC which has been going on for more than one and a half month has brought a lot of sufferings to the people.

He appealed to the UNC to call off its blockade for the sake of the people of the state as the situation is turning ugly day by day, which could result in more misunderstanding among the communities.

TRVAC Convenor Adduna Malangmei said that the people of valley and hills are both affected by the ongoing economic blockade where people including students suffer a lot due to unavailability of commodities and difficulties in transportation.

He added that the peace rally by unitingĀ  different communities is a message to UNC, state and central government to bring a solution and end the blockade, where different communities in the state is maintaining a good relationship from the past.

Thangmeiband Hijam Dewan Leikai Koireng Khul representative Ashem Koireng said that many unwanted crises had been provoked by the action of blockade and counter blockade in the state.

Thinking about the people suffering in the state by the result of blockade he appealed UNC from the Koireng community to lift the ongoing economic blockade and make and alternative ways of demand which does not affect or hurt the people, he added.

Tharon Village chairman Athon Gangmei said that its time for UNC to end the blockade and also counter blockade which leads to misunderstanding between the plan and valley people of Manipur.

He added that the government should also bring a solution as soon as possible.


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