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This world is full of nonsensical and idiotic things and behaviours. When someone asked a politician how to stop peeing in public by people? Instead of giving a sensible and responsible reply he said, “we can stop public peeing like the way children did to Chatur in 3 Idiots”; at least he could have said that we are supposed to have more public urinals or toilets and we need to sensitize the people etc. etc.
Recently I read an interview of Prof Michael Heyman, an American scholar and performer. He is popularly known as the ‘Doctor of Nonsense’, because of his nonsense poems, songs, performances etc. Many took interest in him as they do have tendencies of such behaviour and mannerism. Actually, Heyman is a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. According to him nonsense have many different kinds of definitions; his nonsense is a kind of manipulation and subversion of language and logic that is usually humorous and joyful. Talking about the power of nonsense literature Heyman said, “Nonsense is almost always used as a kind of weapon. It is a way to fight power, often without the power knowing. If you are writing nonsense, they don’t quite understand it, and so, they can’t say that it is seditious.”
I am sorry to say that when you don’t get LPG gas, or petrol or medicine you don’t cry foul except grumbling here and there. But when you don’t get money you become wild; you start attacking Banks. If you don’t have enough currencies, you must innovate ways and means to survive and run the economy. What about the reintroduction of barter economy? You know the Indo-Myanmar border trade is based on the principle of barter system (still it is); if I am wrong please correct me. Take my salt and give me your potatoes; hand over your nails in lieu of my logs; exchange my milk with your fish. Take the petrol and give me your wife, sorry wine. As far as possible we must drag on like this. This is also cashless economy.
One editor of an erstwhile great weekly wrote about the reasons of the red bottom of monkeys. That was complete nonsense but that was a hit; circulation of his magazine shot up like anything. The editor was none other than KS, not Kama Sutra but inscrutable (L) Khuswant Singh. Sometimes nonsense is a short cut to wisdom. And sometimes I feel nonsense people and Satirists are brothers and sisters. Because both triggers humour and wit.
When you really don’t have enough cows to produce milk, we are still getting enough cow milk in the market. This is a great country. Anything can happen here. A reasonable man asked a sensible question ‘where from these cow milk come when the cow population is drastically reduced? The nonsense reply came ‘you must be grateful that cow milk is available even though there are no cows’.
One Baba who says he has no bank account, is running a multinational company. His Company is one of the fastest growing company in the country. I have nothing against this Baba as long as he does not start producing nuclear bombs and selling them. When the entire country is saving money, and spending less for the want of currencies one gentleman in Karnataka spent 500 crores in a marriage. Perhaps he made all the payments in cheques or electronically. Have you ever seen any great personality to stand in the queue for currencies? Except for publicity no leader stood in the serpentine queues. Can you think of a cashless economy when millions of people are powerless, I MEAN NOT ELECTRIFIED. The nonsense people will talk all these nonsensical things because they don’t know the simple fact that mobile phones are battery operated.
A few days back a gentleman filed a PIL in the apex court saying that the national anthem must also be played whenever the courts assemble for the day. The court people are already patriotic and what is the need of such a mechanical imposition. We must appreciate that such things should be meant for the carefree-fun-lovers like movie goers; they must be taught nationalism and patriotism. Now movie theatres shall play the national anthem; Apex court has done the right thing.
When Tina (IAS 1) is getting married to Athar (IAS 2) why should we bother and why should the father of 24 have anxiety. This is national integration. But I am slightly selfish and so I don’t encourage brain drain. Home cadre people ought to work here; bringing other brains through matrimonial alliances, no problem!
Nonsense fills the gap left by senses. I love nonsense as it ignites the brain. Seuss, another nonsense poet puts it ‘Oh, the thinks you can think”.

Source: The Sangai Express


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