Wanton Excavation at Nongmaiching(Baruni) hill – Public appeal


Dear Citizens

I, as a common citizen, with all due respects and regards would like to draw your due attention to this public appeal to all section of the population concerning wanton illegal excavation at surrounding hill ranges of our uniquely beautiful Manipur with urgent and special attention at Wakha, Wakha Khunou, Wakha Ayokpa near Naharup Khongjing Leikai, Imphal East Manipur. What is happening in these areas is highly deplorable and any sane citizen of this planet will condemn the brutality committed by a bunch of unscrupulous miscreants against Mother Nature. Unless and until all section of population rise up as one and take action against all parties involved in such heinous act against the entire humanity, the ecology of the Nongmaiching hill ( Baruni) will be irreversibly destroyed. These evil activities against Mother Nature involve local truck owners, contractors, engineers, bureaucrats, politicians etc even club members of these areas are said to be bribed by these notorious businessmen.

Beloved citizens, our unique civilization born out of this enchantingly peculiar valley is a product of our perpetual interaction with the surrounding physical environment of which Nongmaiching hill plays one of the most pivotal roles. It is this hill, rightly called the Nongmaiching, “the rain face hill” from puyanic period which gives rain to our fertile valley and subsequently lives, cultures and civilization of which we are all proud of. But very sadly, the wanton illegal excavation which is occurring in full swing by the time this appeal is being prepared will irreversibly destroy our lives and culture etc.

It is a very sorry state of affair that our beloved state has been stalked by many misfortunes especially social political and economic etc. largely created by narrow minded and barbaric vested interest. Despite all these terrifying asperity, we are being confronted by another horrific problem, the environmental degradation of the state. In connection to this issue which is no less important than the several challenges facing the entire people, due public attention is requested to bring justice to all.

Birbal Chungkham


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