You are born as a free man, at least die as a free man


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Zero bulbs are useless for searching things in the dark but pleasingly useful for searching peace in night to get mingled in the world of dreams. Trust me, no one is useless. Will you really trust me? You even delete the selfie that you saw and clicked. Funny but it’s a fact. What is the whole meaning of trust? You keep your water bottle next to your bed before you sleep, you trust yourself that you will wake up again. Don’t be down thinking that you never trust yourself.
Do you know why you don’t trust yourself? Because you always try to see someone do first. If he can, you will still put yourself down telling that, “he is stronger than you,” even if he can’t, you will still put yourself down telling that, “if he can’t, how can I?”
How do you feel when you go through your photo album? It’s really nice walking through the memory lane, right? What is the difference between mirror and a photo? Present and past. You can upgrade your looks with makeup on a mirror but no more with the photo. Never regret for something that happened in the past for that has become some memories, you can only change something happening at present, stay focused.
Mistakes are meant to be committed but not meant to be repeated. Never hide and die with your mistake, you are never late to start a change. This is the reason why ENTER button and BACKSPACE button are so close.
When you wear a white shirt and a black pant, the white shirt seem to be dirtier after sometime even if the amount of the dirt goes for the same to the pant too, just because of its purity. When you start something good, you will be seemed to get dirtied the most in this society. Don’t be down thinking that the whole world is against you, this is the law of this society, everyone is against this society but we are the society, so in simple word, everyone hates everyone.
You will start putting yourself on fire once you are drowned in the world of people’s expectations. You are born as a free man, at least die as a free man. Why do you let your neighbour’s wishes as your command? Their expectations were given birth in the midst of comparisons. So, you will be forced to compete with someone who was also born free, you will be forced to find your happiness by following somebody’s passion. You are doing nothing but forcing a dog to fly, you will die believing that you were not worth living.
Do you still remember the first day of your school? If so, then let me ask you this. You must be remembering your class teacher asking you, “What is your aim in life?” You must have said something so huge. But now, where has that ‘will’ gone? Where have your aim gone? You started killing your own aim just because you saw people who failed. At this time, keep saying these words in your mind, “I am the strongest.”
You know why people don’t want to change to good? Because they feel that it’s too late for them to change to good. Just because you smoke and drink, don’t start thinking that you are spoiled and start doing stupid things. Smoking and drinking can’t make you a bad person, same as Temple, Church and Mosque can’t make you a good person. Trust me; you are what you think not what people think of you.
Be a good leader, and good leaders inspire others. Be ready to fail, be ready to fall down but never give up to get up. When you become a successful person, the world will not ask your salary but how you came so far. If you tell them that you never fail, you always top the class; will you inspire those who fail in school? What if you tell them that, you were a smoker, you were a drunkard, and you were a looser? Then you will inspire a looser, a smoker, a class topper, a drunkard, everyone.
Leaders are not those who keep standing non-stop, but those who punch the ground to get up whenever they fall.
The writer is based in Canada, he can be reached at, Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – young thoughts, Instagram – Birkarnal, Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam.

Source: The Sangai Express


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