CEO bars release of fresh funds


efront-1___ceo-pledges-to-enforce-codeAs per the election model code of conduct, the chief electoral officer of Manipur has notified that no fresh release of funds under the MP’s local area development fund shall be made in any part of the state where election is in progress.

A release said similarly no fresh release of funds under the MLAs local area development fund shall be made, if any such scheme is in operation, till the completion of election process.

It said no work shall start in respect of which work orders have been issued before the issue of code of conduct. These works can start only after the completion of election process, however, if a work has actually started, that it can continue, it said.

The release continued for a period of three months immediately prior to polling in a general election mid – term election or bye-election in any constituency, no expenditure should ordinarily be incurred from a ministry’s discretionary grant except in a case where it becomes absolutely necessary on compassionate grounds.

Regarding election manifesto, it shall not contain anything repugnant to the ideals and principles enshrined in the Constitution and further that it shall be consistent with the letter and spirit of other provisions of model code of conduct, it said.

The release continued political parties should avoid making promises which are likely to vitiate the purity of the election process or exert undue influence on the voters in exercising their franchise.

It also informed that no part of State guest houses, bhawans and sadans at Delhi are utilised for any political activities of the kind. There are, however, no restrictions for use of bhawans for genuine requirements accommodation of officers and other visitors including political functionaries purely for purposes of their official tour to Delhi, it added.

In a new move, the CEO in the release said official Mobile No.9436021798 has been activated which will be exclusively used to receive election related complaints on whatsApp. Picture, videos, documents related to MCC violation, electoral malpractices can be shared on this number by general public and due cognisance by CEO’s office will be taken.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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