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CJNCSD demands immediate judicial inquiry into the report of custodial torture against the UNC leaders and the indiscriminate firing at Khumji village

New Delhi, 14th January, 2017 – Taking serious exception to the report of inhuman custodial torture involving electric shock against the two incarcerated UNC leaders and the indiscriminate firing at Khumji village on 12th January, 2017, leading to the death of Mr. Dikhonang Gonmei and many other life-threatening injuries to Naga civilians, the Joint Naga Civil Societies, Delhi (CJNCSD) today demands immediate judicial enquiry and action against the responsible police officials to ensure that justice and rule of law prevail.

CJNCSD in particular is baffled by the fact that the reported use of third-degree method and violation of human dignity, soul and body of the two incarcerated leaders are permitted to take place even when the duo are right under judicial custody and at the same time bemuses that the contemporary “Manipur” as a “democratic state” has been reduced to such an absurd entity that targeting of the life, soul and interest of the Nagas has become the sole professed state-function of the Government of Manipur under O. Ibobi Singh.

CJNCSD observes that the Nagas have been observing peaceful protest since the arrest of the two UNC leaders and formation of the new seven districts, however, Ibobi has been resorting to every inhuman force of state-terrorism to brutalise, dehumanize and subdue the legitimate aspirations and rights of the Nagas and against every democratic norm and expectation, the State Government and the Government of India have been dictating terms on the Nagas to withdraw the ongoing agitation instead of fulfilling their legitimate demands.

CJNCSD resolves that there is no question of the Nagas withdrawing the ongoing agitation or entering into the proposed “tri-partite talk” without first fulfilling their demands: one, unconditional release of the two UNC leaders and two, immediate roll back of the new seven districts, and affirms that no use of state-force and terror can deter the Nagas from standing up for their birthright and historical aspirations.

For Further Details, kindly contact :
Sira Kharay
Secretary, Information & Publicity Wing
Joint Naga Civil Societies, Delhi (CJNCSD)
Mobile. No. 09560844808



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