Cong points finger at BJP Govt


Representative ImageIMPHAL, Jan 25: After many BJP leaders have asked the State Government to stop blaming the BJP Government at Delhi for the indefinite economic blockade and the concomitant misery inflicted upon the people, newly appointed MPCC spokesman Kh Joykisan has turned the table and blamed the Central Government for the untold misery being endured by the people of Manipur.

Joykisan recalled that while BJP State election management committee convenor Th Chaoba appreciated the State Government’s decision of creating seven new districts for administrative convenience, lone BJP MLA Th Biswajit asserted that the indefinite economic blockade was invited by the creation of seven districts.

Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan here today, Kh Joykisan asked BJP to clarify their position on the creation of the new districts.

To the Congress party, it appears that the BJP is hoodwinking the public when two leaders of the same party made contradictory remarks on a particular issue.  BJP must come out with an unambiguous clarification whether they support the UNC’s economic blockade or not, Joykisan demanded.

People are aware that the UNC is a mouthpiece of NSCN-IM. There is no room for the State Government to intervene in the dialogue process going on between NSCN-IM and the Government of India.

Both the NSCN-IM and the Government of India can get the economic blockade lifted any time but none of them seems to be interested to solve the issue, Joykisan decried.
BJP National president Amit Shah was on record stating that the economic blockade can be lifted any time they wish.
BJP’s claim that they would not allow blockades in Manipur clearly indicates that several means are at their disposal to get the ongoing economic blockade lifted.

Even as one BJP spokesman stated that they have no intention to impose President’s Rule in the State, the BJP’s  Central Government wrote to the ECI to defer the Manipur election.

Deferring the election amounts to imposition of President’s Rule, he said and added that BJP wanted to defer the election because they know that they would be defeated if the State goes to election on the scheduled date.  As long as Congress Government is there in the State, the wishes of BJP and NSCN-IM will never be fulfilled, Joykisan said.  NSCN-IM banned Congress party after the Congress Government barred NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah from entering Manipur.

To safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur is one unchangeable stand of the Congress party. Transporting of fuel to the State at the initiative of the Central Government has been indirectly encouraging NSCN-IM. Instead of directing the UNC to lift the blockade, the Central Government has extending indirect support to the UNC, Joykisan said. He then asserted that it is in BJP’s hands to end the people’s misery.  MLA K Ranjit said that NSCN-IM resolved to ban Congress party after ex-Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh announced at Kangla that the integrity and territorial boundary would be safeguarded.  Following the ban, Congress candidates were not allowed to contest the ADC election. Many intending Congress candidates left the party under immense pressure from the rebel outfit.  The BJP Government at the Centre has signed a Framework Agreement with NSCN-IM and there is no reason for the UNC to prolong the economic blockade when the Central Government asks to lift it, Ranjit added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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