Flying doctors on anvil

Dr Palin briefing Governor Najma Heptulla on Shija Institute’s achievements
Dr Palin briefing Governor Najma Heptulla on Shija Institute’s achievements

The Union Civil Aviation ministry is seriously considering the proposal of facilitating the health care delivery system in the hilly and far flung areas in the state with flying doctors, according to state Governor Dr Najma Heptulla.

Speaking at the Shija Hospitals and Research Institute the Governor said, she was informed by the Union Minister of Civil Aviation recently that the Ministry is making preparation for approving her proposal of flying doctors.

To mark the completion of 32 years of service in the state, Shija Annual meet was held at the Langol premises of Shija hospitals and research institute today.

Dr Najma Heptullah has urged Dr Palin, Chairman cum Managing Director of Shija Hospitals and Research Institutes to find out the root cause of high number of non-communicable diseases like renal diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol related diseases in the State.

 She expressed curiosity and urged scientific research on the causes of such life style related diseases when she found very simple food habit among Manipuris and when the environment is also quite favourable.

The annual meet was organised under the theme “Seeking Within”.

Chairman cum Managing Director of Shija Institute Dr Kh Palin and economist Prof Amar Yumnam graced the function as president and guest of honour respectively.

Continuing her speech, governor congratulated the Shija team who successfully performed the kidney transplant in the state and even in the whole north east region.

Dr Palin said, the state needs more Public Private Partnership for providing affordable and quality health care service as well as in medical education sectors.

“Manipur is spending hundreds of crores of rupees every year for medical treatment, medical and paramedical studies outside the state, we need to join hands to stop it,” said Dr Palin.

He said, every year more than 400 students are going outside state for studying MBBS Courses in different institutions in India.

While more than 700 medical Manipuri students are studying outside the country like in China, Bangladesh, Russia and others.

Every year 20,000 patients are going outside state for healthcare reason which signifies the state is bleeding in healthcare and in education sectors spending thousands and thousands of crores of rupees from the state which has already been not in good shape.

He said Shija have already started work on opening a blood bank and an oxygen plant at PPP model.

The cost of medical gas will be half once the oxygen plant becomes functional and it will directly benefit the patients, he claimed.

Source : Imphal Free Press


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