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Held Annual Get-Together Program of Chabungbam Clan of Manipur

Today, the 22nd January of 2017, the Clan people of Chabungbam Surname residing at different areas of the Manipur State has conducted an Annual Get-Together Program at the residence of Chabungbam Birchandra Singh of Lamboikhul Tiger Camp.

This Annual Get-Together has been conducted every year at the residence of those person who wants to conduct it after requesting to the group. The main motive of the gathering is to bring closer all the clan and have a chit-chat/discuss among each other like we did in a family.

For the next year 2018’s Get-Together Program, it is not yet confirmed and decided but this Annual Get-Together Program may be conducted at Keirao area, as there was a request for it at the meeting. As soon as the place has been decided, it will be shared out at Whatsapp or Facebook about the place where it has to be conducted.

Today, the elders and seniors were giving speech on different ideas for bringing the clan together who are residing at different parts of Manipur.

Here are few photos collected from today’s program.



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