Help your neighbour to shut their mouth up


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Just because your neighbour will laugh when you become a singer, should you stop singing? Just because your neighbour has a car, are you shy to use your scooter? Let me ask you this, “What have they done to you, for you to be afraid of them?” Or are you strong enough to keep their mouth shut?
Instead of putting a cemented wall in your room, you choose to put out your room just to make your neighbour feel that your house is not weaker than them, why? Because you don’t want the strength of your house’s wall to be the ‘talk of your colony.’ Before even knowing what people are talking behind you, you keep hurting your heart with fear, you keep pushing yourself away from doing what you want, and you keep choosing to do what people will talk less about you.
You are being told to behave well by your parents not because they want you to do so but just because they are afraid what their neighbour will say about you all. “Mee na fattey hainakhini,” “People will talk bad about you,” these words have walled all your freedoms.
Your neighbour, and some of your guilty relatives will keep laughing behind you, and your anger won’t shut their mouth up. The only means to shut their mouth up is, help them. You need to help them to tape their mouths. Listen, the world is not beautiful; it’s only written as beautiful by the poets to sell their books well.
Everyone hates each other, no one is good. Should I prove it? When you saw a man hit by a car, you ran towards him carrying a crowd behind you, 50% will say you are a hero. What about the patient stuck in the traffic Jam, because of the crowd you have leaded, what if he dies because he reached late to the hospital?
I know you have a dream inside, but you don’t have the courage to follow it, you are still keeping it inside thinking people will laugh at you. You are right, people will laugh at you. Ask this before you die, “Am I going to die without doing what I love?” You really love singing, and you are afraid to become one just because everyone says you can’t make it. When you reach the last day of your life, when everything you valued or loved or hated or scared becomes so same, you will curse yourself for not listening to your heart for so long. Trust me; you will beg God to give a day more, just to murmur some lines you remember, just because you loved singing.
This is a society packed with jealous people; therefore you don’t need to invest much for your fame. Just do the right thing, thousands will talk behind you, on the process of pulling you down, you will rise and shine; just trust what you are doing, this evil society is supportive too.
Your dreams are not only the topic of your dairies under the pillow. You need to touch your heart and tell him that what you write is the script of your upcoming life not the practice for good handwriting or increasing your writing skills.
Every morning when you get up, write down in your dairy for what you will be doing in that day.
And when you can’t do what you wrote, tell your dairy why you can’t, so that you will have answers for the questions coming up every morning. You are born to create not get cracked.
The world is so big; you certainly have a place in it here. The world is created for us, not only for the self-proclaimed leaders, mother-nature too gives you a share in it. Live boldly and breathe boldly.
Never be down my friend, the neighbour who shouts your name through a broken hole in your house will one day need to write an application to take an appointment to meet you.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: The Sangai Express


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