Is there life after death?


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
When oneness is divided, reality hits that we are just a machine running because of a software called SOUL. What I have been thinking it’s me or what you have been thinking it’s you, i.e. our body, it’s nothing but the accumulation of what we eat and breathe.

Then how life is possible inside this body? The answer is same as, what is SOUL? Science says, it’s energy. Art says, it’s the creator’s gift. It’s true that energy cannot be destroyed; it just changes to another form looking for the suitable environment.

Now, what happens to our SOUL when we are seriously sick? The truth is energy never gets sick, when our body can no longer hold our SOUL due to its weakness in the mechanism, there comes the ending tone; death.

Is there life after death? Dr. Mary Neal, the author of ‘To Heaven And Back,’ she was drawn in a water-fall, something strange happened to her; she was that person who is really afraid of getting drawn but, the moment she was under water, she was no more afraid, she knew she stopped breathing, no air with her; she was dead. But she felt so calm and alive, she even said that she stood up and saw her body lying near the shore, and then she saw many people whom she have met and never met too. She even travelled to the place where beauty nurtures everything, everybody was so loving; the definition says it was heaven. When medicine ends, God’s will start. Then the rescue team got her body and took to hospital where she saw everything. Then she came to life afterwards where the doctor shared her experience; life after death.

Another life after death experience was the Jeolinzner’s family in Russia. Her husband poisoned her to death, but everyone thought it was a suicide. After 20 minute of the death announced by the doctor, her first son, stabbed his father in front of the dead body and told him, “You can’t hide.” The most interesting thing was, the boy spoke in his mother’s voice.
Okay, even if we believe that there is life after death, what is heaven and hell? Are they really there? Mr. Jarino from South Africa was one of the richest men in South Africa; he was always indulged in drug smuggling and human trafficking business. But the day he was shot to death by the police in 2011; just after he was shot to death he felt so relief, he saw a lot of people turning their back on him, then he started getting burned with so much heat, he saw fire all over, he even saw his father getting burned with him who was once in the same evil business; he experienced hell. 2 hours after the death announced, his heart beat started, he came back to life. He stayed in jail for 3 years. As soon as he came out of the jail, he gave all his property to many poor citizens of South Africa.

Thousands have experienced life after death, and all took it as the best gift of their life. Even if you don’t believe that God is everywhere, just know that you are presently surrounded by the departed SOULS while you are reading my article now. The experiences have proven that there is complete peace in life after death.

We are told by our near and dear ones not to believe in these things just because we might not be able to sleep after lights out. But we are attracted to horror movies more than the normal ones. But still there is confusion between ghost and SOUL, are ghosts the ugly deformed SOULS? May be. Now, the wests are so much into ghost hunting, it’s in you to judge if you will go with them or not. Even if I know much or less, I still hate to go toilet at night.

We again are left in confusion, whether we live once or more. There are again proofs that we live more than ones because of the experiences of reincarnation; the reincarnation of Anne Frank. Even the Rosline’s reincarnation from UK is still one of the best ones. She is believed to reincarnate from her mother who died while giving birth to her. She is beaten all the time for calling her father by name. In one of the family meeting, they were looking at the family old pictures. A group picture which was taken in front of her mother’s school shocked everyone because Rosline pointed at one of the window of the school behind the group and said she was there and looking from the principal’s room she even told the date and time when the photo was taken. And later when the photo was zoomed to its extreme, Rosiline’s mother was standing right there in the principal’s room and found out that the date and time were all true.

Millions of experiences have proven that there is life after death but it is up to you to believe or wait for an experience like that in you to believe fully.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)


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