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Kangpokpi demands DEO

The Kangpokpi based civil society organisations and various political parties have today asked the Election Commission of India to confer the powers of District Election Officer (DEO) power to Deputy Commissioner, Kangpokpi district for the upcoming Manipur state assembly elections.

Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District, Kangpokpi District Congress Committee, Kangpokpi Block Congress Committee and Bharatiya Janata Party Schedule Tribe Morcha, Kangpokpi submitted separate representation to the Director General, Election Commissioner of India, New Delhi through official email this afternoon while a copy was also reportedly send to ECI Secretary, N.N. Butolia and Vivek Kumar Dewangan, Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur appraising for conferment of DEO power to DC Kangpokpi.

It stated that Kangpokpi district of Manipur comprising three Assembly Constituencies including 46 Saikul(ST), 50-Kangpokpi (Gen) and 51-Saitu(ST) is newly created district which was inaugurated two months back vide Government Orders No.16/20/2016-R of dated 8th December, 2016.

In connection with the conduct of Election, the representations stated that the erstwhile Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of Kangpokpi was responsible for the conduct of various election works and programs while having secure strong room and counting hall for the three ACs at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Kangpokpi erstwhile ADC, Kangpokpi.

It also mentioned that the Dispersal and Dispatch including receiving of polling materials and vehicles were done at the erstwhile ADC, Kangpokpi office (now Deputy Commissioner, Kangpokpi office).

It further stated that the 46 Saikul (ST), 50-Kangpokpi (Gen) and 51-Saitu (ST) Assembly Constituencies falls within the newly created district of Kangpokpi and giving the Controlling Authority power in connection with the election to a single Deputy Commissioner for two districts has caused grave inconveniences to the public as well as the political parties in the district of Kangpokpi at large.

It also recalled that at one point of time when counting could not be done at Senapati Deputy Commissioner office, the erstwhile Additional Deputy Commissioner; Kangpokpi (now Deputy Commissioner office) was utilized for votes counting which sums up that Deputy Commissioner, Kangpokpi has all necessary infrastructures to be able execute all election procedures.

The Kuki Inpi and political parties’ representations further underlined the present volatile situation of Senapati DHQs due to the prolonged ongoing economic blockade and office picketing launched recently by the United Naga Council and its supporters.

It said that the situation in Senapati DHQs at present is volatile and not conducive for election processes owing to the office picketing enforced by UNC and its supporters in the District Headquarters.

It also said that the newly created Kangpokpi District which is included in the 1st Phase of Manipur State Legislative Assembly Election will be facing plethora of problems if the District Election Officer power continues to be vested with Deputy Commissioner, Senapati whose office is now inaccessible and non-functional due to picketing and strikes by the UNC.

The representations urge the ECI to confer the District Election Officer (DEO) power to Deputy Commissioner, Kangpokpi for and the convenience of the public and political parties within Kangpokpi district while ensuring peaceful election.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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