KCP-Poirei warns IOC and RIMS


Alleging that Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) divisional manager Sinam Ibungotomba is colluding with some vested interests to sell petroleum products in the black market by taking advantage of the ongoing economic blockade imposed by United Naga Council along the two national highways, Kangleipak Communist Party-Poirei Meitei Lup has claimed that it has received many complaints of the IOC divisional manager selling petrol, diesel and LPG refilled cylinders in the black market to earn handsome profits. In a statement, KCP-Poirei Meitei Lup has asked the divisional manager to confess before the outfit and the public.

Cautioning to stop all the activities of IOC if he does not do so, the outfit has also refrained drivers transporting petroleum products for IOC from doing so until it issues a further notice.

Mentioning the embezzlement of huge funds sanctioned for undertaking dev elopement works in RIMS by a group led by its medical superintendent, the outfit also stated that instead of serving the people in the hospital the team is more interested in earning money through contract works.

Disclosing that the KCP-Poirei Meitei Lup has warned the team from time to time but it continues to ignore the outfit’s warning, the outfit in the statement has cautioned that the RIMS superintendent and his team must bear responsibility of any untoward incident inside the RIMS campus if he and his team fail to stop its activities within a week and confessed of their mistakes.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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