No political speeches at R-Day functions


efront-1___ceo-pledges-to-enforce-codeThe chief electoral officer, in view of the ensuing assembly elections, has issued code of conduct for the political functionaries regarding the Republic Day celebration as per the guidelines laid down by the ECI.

A release said there is no objection to central ministers, chief ministers, ministers in the States to do the honours in the main Republic Day functions at various locations subject to the condition that in their speeches, they should confine themselves to extolling the achievements of the martyrs in securing freedom of the country, glory of the Indian State and so on.

Under no circumstances, they should become a platform for political campaign, it said.

No central minister, chief minister, minister or any other political functionary in the states or ex-MPs shall do the honours at any Republic Day functions at any location within their home district or constituency or the constituency from where he or she is a contesting candidate or intends to contest, it added.

Further it continued that any entertainment at state cost on a religious occasion would not be correct and especially during the continuance of the election process. However, any individual is free by all means to host any such party in his personal capacity and meeting the expense with his or her personal account on their own, it said.

No video conferencing should take place between the chief ministers of the states, ministers and other political functionaries of the Union and State governments and the officials individually or collectively, after the announcement of elections and from the date from which Model Code of Conduct comes into force in a state or the constituency, said the release.

In the immediate aftermath of any calamity of significant magnitude, if video-conferencing is considered essential, then chief minister or minister concerned may hold one video-conferencing with the officials concerned subject under the supervision of the CEO, it added.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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