Oil pump and tanker vandalised in Sekmai


sekmai petrol pump incident-1 (4)Sekmai, Jan 17 :  An oil(petrol) tanker and a petrol pump in Sekmai was vandalized by an angry mob today around 10 am, after the locals came to know that kerosene were being mixed to the tank. At present, there is indefinite economic blockade going on called by the United Naga Council on National Highways, which has sky rocketed the prices of all daily items. This blockade left the people living in the state in a harsh condition, thereby creating an issue of scarcity of petroleum products and most of the imported food items. At this very moment, they were trying to mix the kerosene to get some extra profit during this wee hours.

sekmai petrol pump incident-1 (1)It’s reported that the angry mob also  vandalised the petrol pump’s dispensing gun. They also broke the front windshield of the the tanker. Later the  police came and controlled the mob.

sekmai petrol pump incident-1 (2)


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