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Repeated strong tremors triggers fear in Tripura

Courtesy : www.tripurainfoway.com
Courtesy : www.tripurainfoway.com

AGARTALA: Fear gripped the residents of Tripura following repeated tremor felt at least five times in four days after moderate intensity earthquake of 5.7 Richter scale hit on January 3 last.

According to experts they said that the epicentre of the earthquake was in Dhalai district of North Tripura twice and Myanmar in two times.

However, the civil society organisations demanded immediate action for mobilising experts for undertaking preventive measures to zero down causality and loss due to earthquake.

Referring to the reports of several competent organisations they stated that high intensity earthquake (more than 8 Richter scale) is predicted in the region but none of the hilly state of northeast is prepared to manage the situation.”Three tectonic plates under earth surface of Northeast are continuously heading towards each other and after 1950 there was no high intensity earthquake reported in the region. Moreover, fault line in intra-plate under earth surface of Tripura has been developed recently from Moulavibazar of Bangladesh that further added concern,” said the officials of the public advocacy group.’

They demanded immediate census of the houses across the state to assess their condition in terms of earthquake vulnerability and take immediate steps for retrofitting those constructions by the competent masonries.

According to reports, several public buildings in districts of North Tripura have developed cracks but the administration has yet to take steps for impending crisis.

Source: The North East Today




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