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Royal Riders Manipur’s have distributed Food & Stationery items prior to their foundation day

In regard of the upcoming Royal Riders Manipur’s 10th Foundation Day, they have distributed Food & Stationery items to the childrens of Raphie Valley of Mantripukhri and helped others too.

In this distribution event, Thabshok Kaamkra (Owner of Tabita Home) express happiness on this distributions of items and thanks the Royal Riders Manipur group. He further said that till now there haven’t took any help from the Government or the Government haven’t help them like that before to run this children home. He informed that the home is running till now by the donations made by those kind and generous people.

Miren Thangjam, President of Royal Riders Manipur, did participated the distribution event also. The main function of celebrating the foundation day of Royal Riders Manipur will be held at MAASI, Keirao, as reported.



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