SAI players flee hostel, demand’s Ibomcha’s removal

Source: Internet
Source: Internet

Sports Authority of India (SAI) players have demanded removal of Dronacharya awardee L. Ibomcha, who is in-charge of Special Area Games, SAI, Khuman Lampak.

Players told a press conference held at Manipur Press Club today that 125 players of different disciplines including Judo, Fencing, Swimming, Karate, Gymnastics, Wusu, Wresling and Weightlifting fled the centre at around 2.30 this morning including 57 men and 68 women players.

They alleged that the players fled their hostels due to brutal behaviour of the in-charge and lack of essential commodities.

The players said they will not return to the hostels until the authority has replaced the in-charge immediately.

One of the senior players said that they have lots of dissatisfaction regarding foods and essential commodities, which have to be given to a player since last 5 years. Complaints lodged verbally as well as in written with the authority were never considered in a proper way, they charged.

According to one of the fleeing players, the players, who are staying at SAI, SAG Khuman Lampak are going through “unbearable situations” allegedly caused by Ibomcha. He treated the players badly, they charged.

The players today lodged another complaint with the authority highlighting their grievances and also demanding removal of the in-charge. Unfortunately, the authority failed to understand the players grievances, they claimed.

The players also demanded that Ibomcha should be only a coach and not as in-charge of the hostel. The 125 players will stay at a secure place for the day and tomorrow they will go to their homes.

“We will never go back to the hostel until the in-charge is replaced,” the players said.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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