Sekmai plant sees win-win situation


Bottling-Plant_20120804In wake of resolution of the Naga People’s Organization (NPO) to make separate arrangement for Senapati district to lift LPG gas from Dimapur, senior plant manager of Sekmai Bottling Plant Zephania Panmei, said that the options would be a win-win situation for all.

Speaking to Imphal Free Press over the phone, Panmei revealed that Jiribam LPG requirement is supplied by Silchar gas plant before.

He clarified that if there is no blockade on the national highways, LPG supply to Manipur can be supported from other nearby bottling plants.

Even during blockade, if LPG supply for Senapati is supported by other bottling plants, the same can be made available for valley districts which will be additional to what they are getting now in the present situation and it is basically a win-win situation for both, explained Panmei adding that it is desired that LPG shortages in Manipur is resolved.

The NPO, in its emergency meeting held on January 7, urged the Senior Plant Manager of IOC located at Dimapur to allow the LPG dealers of Senapati district to lift cooking gas from Dimapur instead of fetching the same from Sekmai bottling plant.

The NPO also asserted that the organisation will extend full co-operation and ensure free passage to all the LPG dealers in Senapati district.

Source: Imphal Free Press


  1. Its like making it more dependent on senapati to achieve their goal. Our essential needs are obstructed but they want their share to flow smoothly. In this way valley people’s right are deprived n i personally feels like we are discriminated in every possible way.


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