Th Muivah: Old traditions must give room to new ones

Th Muivah
Th.Muivah General secretary of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) . Photo -IE

The sun rises and sets; a generation comes and goes and a kingdom rises and falls, but the word of God stays. Nothing stays; everything is transitional to the final goal.

Th Muivah, the leader of the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, said this in his new year’s message: “every day, every month and every year with Christ is a new day, a new month and a new year, similarly, old laws, old cultures, old systems and old traditions must give room to the new ones in order to stay in tune with the revolutionary world”, he continued.

Anything that does not go along with the law of revolution will decay and perish, he added.

Muivah continued that the movement of the Nagas is inspired and guided by principle of ‘Nagalim for Christ.’ “Our spirit of continuous resistance against the aggressors, our spirit of tireless service to the nation and our spirit of self-sacrifice for the cause comes from it.”, he said.

Further he maintained, “We are not going to build a materialist state or that of the idol worshippers. We are going to build a future-oriented state. Definitely we are for the kind of country that promotes harmonious physical, mental and spiritual growth of the people.”

He said his organisation’s strength lies in unity in the principle through mutual forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ and its solution lies in mutual understanding and agreement to disagreement between the two contending parties, not in confrontation.

He also emphasised that the GPRN’s prosperity lies in interdependent relationship with other people and nations, not in isolation from them.

Muivah also pointed out that no enemies can defeat and destroy the Nagas so long as they are on the Lord’s side. Nagas will be pulled down only by their own mistakes and sins, he added.

Highlighting that a nation cannot be built upon the foundation of hatred and communalism, he appealed to all brothers and sisters in different camps to forgive their past mistakes as they have forgiven them and unite in the political line of the people, it added.



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