BFR Sound System at The Giving Tree Imphal

Art Heals Trust and The Giving Tree, Manipur, have always supported art and cultural events and given platforms to upcoming and contemporary artists. We have been working towards putting Manipur on the maps of the contemporary art world.
This Yaoshang we have a great opportunity of introducing the world of Reggae Music to Manipur and its beautiful people. BFR Sound System is the only two Jamaican style hand built reggae sound system that exist in South Asia and we are proud and thrilled to announce that they are indeed coming to Manipur.
With this event we hope Manipur not only finds new music but also a reason for its people to unite and tide over all its cultural and political issues.
We are immensely thankful to our Sponsors and many supporters,without which this event will not be possible.
Hero Foundation in Association with NE Brothers presents the BFR Sound System at The Giving Tree, Matai. Managed by Arts Heals Trust, organized by The Giving Tree. Supported by Yaisana Hotel, KISS Lights & Sound, Unibrow Creative Agency.
Date: 14th March, 2017.
About BFR Sound System:

BASS FOUNDATION ROOTS is unique in India. At present only two Jamaican style hand built reggae sound system exist in South Asia. The journey began with a crowdfunding campaign in 2015. It took over a year to raise the funds and get the components together to build this system and BFR Sound System was finally launched in April 2016.

BFR SOUND SYSTEM is owned and operated by Indian reggae artists Delhi Sultanate and Begum X. aka Samara Chopra, lead singers of The Ska Vengers and co-founders of Word Sound Power. BFR Sound System performances consist of a selection of strictly vinyl records playing a range of Jamaican genres as well as a vast collection of exclusive dubplates recorded it Jamaica’s leading Reggae artists.

REGGAE originated in the former Caribbean slave plantation of Jamaica and to date, is the only form of popular music that has a former colony at its centre, addresses issues of colonialism and opposes the Euro-centric Babylonian world order, while at the same time enjoying immense popularity all over the world. You might have heard Reggae music before, but never like this. Most Reggae music is intended not for private consumption on headphones or home systems, but for communal listening sessions on giant custom made sound systems. This is how the music should be heard and felt.

REGGAE SOUND SYSTEM lends immense power to the music and has the ability to literally vibrate bodies and objects in its surrounding. What is of the essence is not loudness, but the warm physical sensation of bass frequencies, engulfing you and those around you. Music becomes a physical and collective experience.

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