Citizens are only temporary land owners: Ibobi


IMPHAL, Feb 26: Referring to the demand of NSCN-IM for their ancestral land, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has stated that god is the first owner of lands while respective Governments are the second owners. Individuals or pattadars who are taking care of pieces of lands are temporary owners.
There will be no land left if the territory of Manipur is fragmented and divided into several pieces, asserted the Chief Minister while delivering his speech at a political conference held today at Thangmeiband Lairen-hanjaba Leikai.
After a framework agreement was signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM, some Naga-land MLAs led by their Chief Minister came to AICC president Sonia Gandhi seeking her to approve and append her signature on the agreement. But Sonia Gandhi refused to sign on the framework agreement stating that it would be like signing on a blank cheque.
Nobody ought to sign on a document which has been kept a closely guarded secret, Ibobi asserted.
Congress party is governed by a secular ideology and believes that all the people of the country irrespective caste, creed, religion and community are one and all should co-exist together.
Nobody dares to challenge the integrity of Manipur. Even if somebody dares to challenge the integrity of Manipur, it would be opposed vehemently, Ibobi asserted.
Congress party and the Centre’s BJP Government have different ideologies. BJP is bent on grabbing political power by hook or crook.
The two National Highways which have been serving as lifelines of the people of Manipur are being used by the NSCN-IM as a tool to advance their nefarious designs.
All the people of Mani-pur irrespective of whether they are Kukis, Nagas, Meiteis or Meitei Pangals are sons and daughters of the soil and they never know to play subservient to any external force, Ibobi stated.
He then appealed to the people to vote for Kh Joykisan and re-send him to the State Assembly.
Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam appealed to the gathering to be wary of those people who joined BJP recently and are contesting the ensuing election without giving any thought to the interest of Manipur.
Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s asser- tion that the framework agreement does not contain anything inimical to the interest of Manipur, Gaikhangam asked what is the harm in disclosing the details of the agreement if it is so harmless.
The Prime Minister should give up the notion that he can fool the people of Manipur with some impressive words.
Reacting to Narendra Modi’s claim that BJP would accomplish in 15 months what the Congress Government could not do in 15 years, the Deputy Chief Minister asked if the Centre’s BJP Government has achieved anything substantial. Speaking at another political conference held at Luwangshangbam Matai community hall today under the aegis of Heingang Block Congress Committee, Chief Minister O Ibobi stated that he cannot have his way in every matter although he is the Chief Minister.
“Everyone who is found guilty whether it is me, my wife or my children must get punishment. Even though one of my nephew is said to be involved in a drug seizure, my Government cannot interfere”, Ibobi stated.
“The CBI is investigating into the matter and let him face the penalty if he is found guilty”, continued the Chief Minister.
Reacting to BJP’s propaganda that Congress was involved in rampant corruption, Ibobi challenged that he would go to prison willingly if BJP can produce a single evidence.
Taking strong exception to the allegation that he took 10 per cent commission for every work, Ibobi asked BJP to prove their allegation adding that he would accept any punishment awarded to him in case he is found guilty.
Many of those people who have been blaming Congress party for rampant corruption held ministerial posts for not less than 10 years under Congress Government. Everyone knows who was in charge of Dolaithabi Project, Khuga Project etc. He then appealed to the gathering to vote for Congress candidate Naoroibam Ratan (Kapu) in the ensuing election. Addressing a similar election meeting held at Lilong Konuma within Langthabal AC, Ibobi called upon the gathering to elect Congress candidate Loitongbam Tilotama.
Since Manipur achieved Statehood, all the MLAs elected from Langthabal AC were sitting on opposition bench except for a term. As such, Langthabal AC is lagging far behind other Assembly segments in terms of development.
He further appealed to all the people of Langthabal AC to let an MLA from the ruling bench represent the Assembly segment.

Source: The Sangai Express


  1. Only 10% I thought the norm anywhere in India is at least 50% and in some cases even 100% (no work but fully paid).

    BTW, people vote for Ibobi in spite of taking money, because he or his ministers are at least reachable for many remote areas. Before him, rural people had nobody to go to (with or without bribe).


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