Drivers, CAF&PD officials agree to streamline convoy


driversJIRI: More than 1000 loaded trucks are currently stranded at Jiribam awaiting their turn to join the convoy to Imphal.

When CAF & PD officials conducted a thorough checking of stranded vehicles on Saturday, some trucks were found to have arrived in Jiribam in 2016 but are yet to get coupon issued by the department for joining the convoy to Imphal.

In order to streamline vehicles joining the convoy to Imphal, a joint meeting of drivers, CAF & PD officials, police and representatives of drivers’ union was held Saturday at Gularthol.

After threadbare discussion on the current system of selection of vehicles to join the convoy to Imphal, the meeting resolved that trucks which entered Jiribam recently and are yet to get coupon issued by the CAF & PD will not be allowed to proceed till trucks which have remained stranded for long at Jiribam first head for Imphal. The meeting also resolved that trucks which are yet to get coupon will be parked separately and those with coupon will be allowed to park along the roadside of NH-37 to join the convoy.

During the meeting, CAF & PD officials appealed to the drivers not to overtake other vehicles without getting approval from authority concerned and also warned that strict action will be initiated against violators.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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