HC orders mechanism for food grain distribution


The Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution (CAFPD), Manipur submitted documents on the situation of the department during the ongoing economic blockade to the High Court of Manipur today as directed on last hearing.

Full bench of the high court comprising Chief Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad, Justice N. Kotiswar Singh and Justice Kh. Nobin Singh heard the accounts of the ground situation regarding availability of petroleum products and other commodities including the related problem while bringing goods from Jiribam from the CAF&PD commissioner.

After studying the submitted documents of the CAF&PD department the judges ordered army security convoy to lift 300 vehicles carrying commodities and petroleum products from Jiribam to Imphal in each occasion until further orders are given to mitigate the miseries of the people of the state.

Upon going through the above discussion the advocate general asked whether it will be possible to have convoy of 300 vehicles everyday when taking into the situation of the road condition and others aspects.

Later after consulting the CAF&PD commissioner the advocate general realised the difficulties and conveyed the court that they will be having convoy of 300 vehicles four times in a week for bringing it to Imphal from Jiribam.

Advocate A Romenkumar pointed out that the government does not seem to have control over the distribution and does not put a check over the price rise.

He added that as the result unscrupulous traders are taking advantages and sell the commodities at higher prices.

On the above hearing the court has directed CAF&PD commissioner to formulate a mechanism for the distribution of the food grain received under transportation and placed before the court by tomorrow.

The court also called upon additional solicitor general S Rupachandra and asked whether the direction given by the court on December 25 with respect to deployment of forces and repairing of NH-37 is carried out.

Rupachandra said that the deployment of the security has been carried out but the repairing of NH-37 is still to be carried out since the process to take the decision is still underway.

After hearing the court has directed the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India secretary and Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, Govt of India secretary to carry out the order immediately with respect to repaired the NH-37.

The court asked to place the matter tomorrow as to have outcome of the meeting as directed to be held today.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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