Intensifying war of words. Don’t punch below the belt


The war of words between the BJP and the Congress is getting intense. And the verbal duel is confined not only at the flag hoisting ceremonies of different candidates or while speaking to the media, but also in the advertisements that have been issued to the Imphal based newspapers here. For the last few days, the two political parties have been continuously going against each other in the Skybus advertisements in all the major newspapers as well as in the local TV channels. A clear indication that the two political parties are using all the resources available with them to run down the other and while some of the advertisements may have been interesting, it is clear that if care is not taken they may even get down to the level of punching below the belt which could be in extremely bad taste. This is what the two political parties should be wary of. With the election code of conduct in force, no one can say anything and get away with it and moreover there is also the Press Council of India which has laid down strict dos and don’ts for all the media houses to follow, and not only during election time. Do the two political parties sincerely think that they have been sticking to the laid down guidelines of the media ? This is where editors and media professionals too need to be on their toes and strictly check the contents of the advertisements that may come in any shape and size.

Apart from the Skybus advertisements that have been coming from the two political parties, all major newspapers in Imphal too have been booked in advance with full front page and half page advertisements. Nothing wrong as long as the two political parties stick to their guns and promise what they intend to do if they are voted to power, but it can become ugly and nasty when they start training their guns on each other. Far from being a healthy debate and keeping the readers informed of their agenda, it could lead to nothing much more than mud slinging and this will certainly not befit the image of the two most powerful and influential political parties in the country. Blow your own trumpet but in the process do not come out with publicity stunts that may defame anyone. This line should not be crossed by the two political parties. As things stand today, the two seem poised to give each other a tough fight and this is all the better for the people or the voters for it is a clear indication that the people now have a choice and it is up to them to make their own choice. Something very different from what it was like in 2012 when the people literally had no choice with the other political parties falling by the wayside long before the election fever caught up. So come March 4 and 8 and the people would have made their decision and at the same time it is unfortunate that the election is so deeply polarised.

Source: The Sangai Express



  1. CONGRESS AND BJP (in MANIPUR) have not secured “DISTINCTION MARK” of being ‘A TRUE POLITICAL PARTY'(by examining -PROPAGANDA,VERBAL DUAL/ VOICE RECORDS from 11th AC election campaigns). Hence , may I conclude that there are NO COMPLETE/PERFECT/TRUE POLITICIANS INSIDE THEIR CAMPS.


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