Kiren Rijiju campaigns for Sword Vashum at Talui village


Talui/ Ukhrul, February 27: On his maiden visit to Talui village in Western Ukhrul district, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiran Rijiju Monday addressed a mammoth public gathering to garner support for 44-Chingai AC BJP candidate Sword Vashum during a campaign program of the later here at the village public ground.

Mr. Rijiju was accorded a rousing welcome by more than 2000 strong- crowd led by the village headman Shimkhayai Sangjam, Chingai mandal BJP leaders, party workers, social leaders and public.

Speaking at the occasion, the Union minister categorically stated that the ensuing Manipur state assembly elections will be no child’s play, but a crucial test for the people of the district to decide their fate. He then urged the gathering crowd not to waste their valuable votes but give their conscientious mandate to Mr. Sword Vashum, whom he reposed full faith in sweeping the battle in the Chingai assembly constituency. He vouched a thumping victory of Vashum with a record margin.

Describing the ensuing polls to be a watershed elections in Manipur, Rijiju exuded confidence of BJP securing a two-third majority in the polls.

Driving home the point that BJP is the only panacea for all the ills in the Northeast region, Mr. Rijiju stated that BJP is so far the only party in India that has understood the political issues and unique identity of the Nagas and hence, a peace process was duly initiated by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1997.

Conceding that the region has the highest incidence of insurgency, with all major communities taking up arms against the system, Rijiju termed the phenomenon as a backwash of politics of playing with people sentiments by the Congress.

Significantly, he called upon all the armed outfits in the region keep themselves from any disruptive activities against the BJP in this election time, adding that any such operations will be akin to closing door on themselves and their future. “If they (armed outfits) would ever attempt to disturb the only party that is capable of solving their issues, where else will there turn to for their solutions?” he said with a note of caution.

Conveying that PM Modi has assured committment to solve all problems and bring about inclusive growth in the region, Mr. Rijiju informed that the party has clearly charted a roadmap for progress. He also assured that party’s commitment to solve the Naga political issue at the earliest.

Without mincing words, he criticized the Ibobi led Congress government in Manipur for instigating economic blockade only to gain political advantage while inciting communal hatred among the different ethnic groups in the state.

Describing his first visit to Talui, the birthplace of candidate Sword Vashum, as a beautiful experience, Rijiju poured out his sentiments of being connected with the Tangkhul brethren.

In his speech, Hakekat Jamwal stressed on the need to oust Manipur Congress government, which he termed is depriving all basic amenities to the public.

Dr. Khashim said that the villagers are fortune to have centre leader Rijiju amidst them, adding it’s an opportunity for villagers to highlight their problems. Vehemently reiterating that BJP is not anti Naga, but for their development, he said BJP govt on the contrary, is doing its best to free Nagas from political bondage.

As a gesture of welcoming and entertaining the Union minister, Guru Shimkhayei Vashum blew the traditional trumpet while Talui Reisang Youth club presented a Tangkhul folk dance.

Dan Yanya
Media Convenor
45 Chingai (ST) A/C
Ukhrul District Manipur.


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