One day my birthday will be a National holiday!


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
I know your pillow is wet every night; crying, thinking that you no longer worth living. I know you are afraid of what your neighbour might say if they know you want to be a singer/dancer in your doctor and engineer erupted environ. Ask this right now to yourself, “Are you not afraid of living a miserable life just because you were afraid to tell the world what you want even for one second?”

Have you ever done what your heart says? Let me throw you this; bunking class at your own will is far better than bunking class by following your friends who are bunking classes. And when you are caught by the principal while bunking the classes at your will, I am sure you will have answers for him and you will never cry when he kicks you or punches you. But when you are following those people who are bunking classes, and you are caught by the principal, before he even ask your name, your tears will get flooded all over your cheeks.

Never search for the strength to overcome something, it’s already inside you. All you got to do is search for what your heart wants; game over. Life is your biggest enemy, we can’t defeat him, and he will knock us down all the time and one day completely. But knowing that you will lose, you are not supposed to give up. If life knocks you down completely which fighting with him, your name will be remembered throughout this world. On the other pole, if life catches you by your back collar and knock you down while you are running away from him, your family need to go to a newspaper office to put a small column at the back pages just as a formality to inform your untimely death. And the most shameful part is they need to pay some amount of money for this too.

If you die fighting with life, your name will cover the first page of all the newspapers. The world will remember your name and your name that you thought was ugly will be a ‘strength and inspiration’ for the generations to come.

You keeping thinking what people might say at your looks, your dress, your salary, your life, your body, your weight, your figure thinking it all matters and it will hurt you. You know what you have to listen to and take care off? Your feelings, your soul and your believes. All you think that matters, your face, your body and so on, all will get burned or buried one day.
Never feel that your neighbour is the only family who is pulling you down, who is speaking badly about you. The fact is we humans are designed with a cheap heart in the animal kingdom. Let me throw you this, when Sarita and Zsofia Bedo from Hungary were in ring, whenever Sarita got a repulse from Zsofia, how many from the crowd shouted at Zsofia for no reason, does it pulls Zsofia down? I don’t think so. Yes, she will be down if she gives attention to the crowd.

The best way to get away from people who speaks badly about you is to not give attention to them. The love that the people have for Sarita made us hate Zsofia. It’s nothing so less of human. Same as Indians soldiers hating Pakistani soldiers who is indeed a hero and role model in Pakistan. Look for those who love you to stop giving a damn about those who hates you.

If your mood changes according to density of the traffic, regularity of current, change in weather then you are no less than a dynamic Oscar winning actor. How can you change your emotions so fast as if you are directed by someone else? You got to be strong, don’t give an excuse that you are angry because your mom’s food wasn’t good this morning, or your wife forgot to wash your socks so you are pissed off the whole day. Stop being a stupid machine where your remote is with a stupid person.

A father of two sons was a drunkard, the first son became a drunkard but the second became an officer. After asking both the son for why they become a drunkard and an officer, the answer is just the same, “I saw my father drinking every day.”
The first son loved it and the second one hated it. Sometimes it’s not about how your neighbours are; it’s about how your heart is.
Whenever you feel extremely low and depressed, go out to an open empty area; shout at the top of your voice, “I AM THE BEST.” Trust me, sometimes you need to force your heart to be brave, it’s really a sweet organ, it will simply obey you.

If no one wants to be your friend, tell them, “it’s okay, dude, one day you will be my fan telling everyone that I was once your friend.”

By the way, today is my birthday.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: The Sangai Express


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