Reporting for ‘Racial Discrimination’ to Lokshikayat, Bihar Government by Thanmayon RS

   Bihar Government, Bihar      

       Sub: Reporting for ‘Racial Discrimination’

I am a student of Ambedkar University Delhi, persuing my Mphil, my enrollment No. is S16CDP16. As a part of my course, I choose Gobindpur village in Nawadih Panchayat, Chakai Block, Jamui District, bihar, for my village immersion. I have been here since second week of January.

On 16th October 2017 at around 9:00 PM I was with approximately 150 women, children and other villagers at chakai police station to file a complain against the illegal work going on in Dulampur Panchayat . There the SHO of Chakai started interrogating me just because of my looks. He mentioned in the beginning that I look different and thus interrogation is necessary. He interrogated me for more than half an hour. He abuses me and threatens the villagers, saying that he will come and check the village where I am staying. I tried explaining him in English as my Hindi was not so good, but he did not understand what I said. My ID card was taken for Xerox. When my classmate (Sanjeev Kumar) tried to intervene and explain things in Hindi but he was not allowed even to speak. Sanjeev is my classmate and came here in Chakai along with me for village immersion. Even though both me and sanjeev are from same course, came together to chakai for villager immersion, I was interrogated but Sanjeev was not allowed even to speak. Apart from both of us there were around 150 other villagers but no one were interrogated apart from me. This is a clear case of racial discrimination. Instead of listening any of us the SHO started abusing us and threatened to put us behind the jail. The policemen there pulled both of us behind the bars. When I along wither others present there became aggressive to defend ourselves, the SHO repeatedly said that he has been interrogating me and not others because I looks different from all of the present there. This incident happened purely because of my looks. A citizen in this country has all the rights but my rights were denied. Where are the rights that the constitution has granted for its citizen?

I doubt whether the SHO knows that I am an Indian. The face that I have is a double question mark for the SHO. This incident clearly portrays that, people like me are bound to this kind of discrimination. The law protectors become the master of the law. We became a helpless being in front of them even to defend ourselves. This nation is filled with people overexpressing their nationalist identity and sentiments but at the same time there is a question in the spirited nationalism. As a citizen of this country I appeal the rights of the citizen.

Thanmayon RS
Enrollment No. is S16CDP16
Ambedkar University, Delhi
Mb: 9523366403, 8794391730


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