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Speculation on T.R. Zeliang-BJP merger deal

After Arunachal Pradesh episode, the BJP is getting ready to turn Nagaland saffron by merging the Nagaland Peoples’ Front (NPF) led by chief minister T.R. Zeliang into the party, reports The Asian Age.
NPF sources in Kohima told Asian Age that the BJP central leadership had given Zeliang the go-ahead to merge his faction of the NPF with 42 legislators into the BJP. Zeliang is understood to have begun consultations with his legislators stranded in their respective constituencies. The BJP has four MLAs in the present 60-member Nagaland Assembly, and is also part of the government led by Zeliang.
The reports said political observers felt that in view of the mounting pressure by NTAC on Zeliang to step down, this may also prove to be the safest escape route for him so he readily agreed to the merger. Sources said it was likely to be announced in a day or two, but also said there was every possibility of a split in NPF as a large section of MLAs were opposed to it.
Source: Nagaland Post



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