UNC and a Sisyphean task, please take a break


It is known that the United Naga Council will not retract their stance and the economic blockade must go on. Many were keeping their fingers crossed that the tripartite talk on February 3rd would have some solution and the economic blockade enforced since November 1 would be called off in the larger interest.

However, that speculation did not materialize and the blockade status quo is there, nearing 3 months now and no respite in sight. Well ! Life must go on and it is going on in the state of Manipur. Loaded trucks carrying essential commodities are arriving via the Imphal-Jiribam highway 37 and the state has no problems in getting food grains and other items. There is however a problem of fuel and long queues are still prevalent. What the state needs now to negate the economic blockade is just to ensure that fuel transport reaches the state. If the petrol pumps distribute fuel daily, and it may be said that petrol would keep the blockade away, just as the time old adage that- an apple keeps the doctor away.

It may be assumed that the UNC would be having its hands full in trying to maintain their stance. They say that the government should retract the decision of awarding district-hood to 7 new districts and perhaps the blockade would be called off from their side. As the election code of conduct has been enforced already, there is no way that a cabinet meeting may be held in the regard. Plainly said, the district-hood status cannot be retracted and it is left to the next government which will be formed post elections in March 2017.

Here, one is reminded of a particular Greek mythology of a king named Sisyphus.     A king in ancient Greece who offended Zeus and whose punishment was to roll a huge boulder to the top of a steep hill; each time the boulder neared the top ,it rolled backdown and Sisyphus was forced to start again. In short, a Sisyphean effort is a doomed effort from the start.

Now, what is the UNC deciding? Their decision is leading nowhere, except to make lives of the public miserable. That is in some way mitigated as fuel and other essential commodities are being brought into the state through the Jiribam line and we are all fine except for some fuel crunches. UNC pushes the economic blockade boulder to the top and yet the boulder rolls back on UNC. In short, one feels that the UNC is performing a Sisyphean effort, there will be no conclusion except for the boulder to roll back on Sisyphus or in the case..to UNC.

It’s best that they call it a day and retract the stance of economic blockade. Amusing as it is, how reasonable is it to strangulate the plebeians for a demand of a particular community. For a demand, which cannot be sanctioned at the moment as per the legislative dilemma! In short, the UNC should grow up and call it a day. It was witnessed in the valley area that counter blockades took an ugly turn at Khurai Heikrumakong , 20 plus vehicles were burnt and sections of various communities were made to suffer the angst of the public affected by the blockade, it should not be repeated again. The UNC should realise that it is a Sisyphean task they are up to. Don’t let the boulder roll down again.

Leader Writer: Paojel Chaoba

Source: Imphal Free Press


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