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Video: This Tiger Shroff lookalike from Meghalaya is better than the original Bollywood actor! Do you think so, too?


Tiger-Shroff-lookalikeA doppelganger of Tiger Shroff has just been found in Meghalaya! And there is another one in India. Check them out!

If you are a fan of Tiger Shroff, you should see this! A doppelganger of the Bollywood actor – and a superb one – has just been found in Meghalaya, India! (Correction: We first wrote he was from Nepal ‘cos that was the information available.) A video of this Tiger Shroff lookalike was shared by the page of MoDIFiCaTiOn, DhArAN on Facebook, and it has garnered 4,84,866 views and around 8,000 Shares at last count, with almost 3,000 comments! This, in a matter of less than a week. What is so special about this guy? Why are we saying that Tiger Shroff’s lookalike is better than him and in what aspect? Actually, it is social media who is saying the Bollywood actor’s doppelganger is better than him. You gotta watch the video to figure that one out!

The Facebook page shared the video of this Tiger Shroff lookalike with the caption, “Local Tiger shroff?????”. At first when we started watching the video, we thought it would turn out to be some sad spoof of the song Sab Tera from the Tiger Shroff-Shraddha Kapoor film Baaghi. But heck, no! It is such a good enactment of the song and the doppelganger imitates Tiger Shroff’s expressions and his lip movements ditto! This guy could be a hero in the northeast in India, dude! All he needs to do is build a body like that of Tiger Shroff. We wonder what Tiger himself may think of this little guy and also what his co-star Shraddha Kapoor may say after watching this priceless video!

Tiger Shroff is a huge star among the young kids in India, with his looks, chiselled physique and charisma. Only a few films old, Tiger Shroff, who is the son of the then Bollywood heartthrob Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha Shroff, is set for a long innings as an action and romantic Bollywood star. It is surprising that he has a couple of doppelgangers already. Yes, we found another one called Tiger Niz! Check him out here!

Tiger-Niz-photo-by-Bollywood-BubbleTiger Shroff’s features can probably be explained because of his ancestry – Tiger Shroff paternal grandmother was of Mongolian-Turkish descent and his maternal grandmom was Belgian! Which one of your versions do you like better, Tiger Shroff? (Photos by MoDIFiCaTiOn, DhArAN and Bollywood Bubble.)

Watch video of this Tiger Shroff lookalike who acts out the entire song Sab Tera from his film Baaghi!

Source: India.com


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