Vote NPF for self-rule: Yitachu


Nagaland Minister in charge of Manipur NPF State Unite Yitachu gave a clarion call to the people of the Hill districts of Manipur to elect NPF candidates in the forthcoming general elections so as to ensure that they can ensure protection of the people of the Hills area of the State.

Delivering a speech at the kick-off campaign of the NPF party at Senapati today, Yitachu referred to the Constitutional provisions of Article 371 C which has special provisions for effective functioning of the Hill Area Committee, but added that the Government of Manipur, under Chief Minister Ibobi Singh “has no intention to implement the provisions contained under Article 371 C, nor does the Central Government have made any attempt to exercise the powers under this Article for the people of the Hills area.”

“Only the NPF party can fulfil the aspirations of the people of the Hills districts and electing the NPF candidates can fulfil your aspirations of fully implementing the provisions of the Constitution of India as contained in Article 371 C,” he said.

“Opportunities do not come all the time, and if we miss this opportunity to elect the NPF candidates to the 11th House it would mean that we shall have to wait for another 5 years which will not be good for the people of the Hills districts,” he said and called upon the people to vote for the NPF candidates “for preservation of the identity, interest and progress of hills people for a dignified, respectable and prosperous life.”

(Issued by Media Cell, Chief Minister’s Office, Nagaland)


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