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Watch these stunning sights of Meghalaya that can only be seen from 4,000 feet in the sky


Some of them even have fascinating folktales linked to them.

Some of India’s greatest natural treasures are tucked away in distant corners of the North-East. Meghalaya’s waterfalls and lush green forests are one of them.

The Khasis associate these places with legends that sound eerie and yet offer a fascinating window into the local culture.

One such folk tale comes from an ancient village of Rangjyrteh, where a mother by the name of Ka Likai committed suicide by jumping off a cliff after learning that her child was killed by her jealous second husband. This cliff is today known as the Nohkalikai Falls or The Leap of Ka Likai. It is the tallest plunge waterfall in India, located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on Earth.

The Dainthlen Falls marks the story of how the giant serpent Thlen was killed by the people of Rangjyrteh.

The personification of these terrains offers an insight into the way nature has been intertwined with the lifestyles of the Khasis.

The video above offers stunning aerial views of Nohkalikai Falls and Kyllang Rock, along with paddy fields, rivers and valleys. With no context or location specified, this video from Meghalaya Tourism confirms the name of the state – Meghalaya is indeed the land that lives in the clouds.

Source: Scroll.in


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