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BJP led coalition Govt wins floor test via voice vote

IMPHAL, Mar 20: The BJP led coalition Government won the vote of confidence held today.
The NPP (4), NPF (4), AITC (1) and LJP (1) are in the BJP-led Government. Chief Minister N Biren today raised a motion of confidence in the State Assembly in order to prove that the newly formed Government enjoys majority in the House. Raising the motion, N Biren stated that the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly has been constituted following the expiry of the 10th Legislative Assembly in addition to electing a new Speaker who is the guardian of the House.

He also conveyed gratitude to all Members of the House for their contribution towards smooth transition from 11th State Assembly to the 12th Assembly. He appealed to all Members of both the ruling and Opposition benches to help establish a stable Government in the State.

The new Government has been working to accomplish whatever tasks/projects initiated by the previous Government but could not be completed. The Government has also been making all efforts to resolve some key issues which could not be resolved by the previous Government despite investing maximum efforts, Biren stated.

Even though the State Government has been able to get the prolonged economic blockade lifted, the ‘Churachandpur issue’ remains unresolved. There are many tasks which must be done urgently without any distinction between the hills and the valley, Biren continued.

He then appealed to all MLAs of both the ruling and Opposition benches to support the motion of confidence so as to make the new Government a stable one. As the Assembly Speaker initiated due procedures to discuss the motion of confidence, opposition Member Kh Joykisan suggested voting through secret ballot. However, the Speaker rejected the suggestion and ruled that one may support or oppose the motion through voice vote. Later, the new Government led by Chief Minister N Biren emerged victorious through voice vote.

BJP Manipur Pradesh president K Bhabananda and BJP Manipur in-charge Prahlad Singh Patel sat in the official gallery and listened to the entire proceedings of the morning session (before a new Speaker was elected).

On seeing the two key functionaries of BJP inside the House, opposition member K Meghachandra asked the pro-tem Speaker whether anyone who was neither Member nor official of the House could be inside the House and if yes, which rule gave such permission.
Another Opposition member Th Lokeshore pointed out that there were two galleries; official gallery and public gallery inside the Assembly Hall and those sitting in the official gallery should do so in accordance to their ranks.

Responding to the two Opposition members, pro-tem Speaker V Hangkhanlian clarified that the two key BJP functionaries were invitees of the Governor. Th Lokeshore further enquired if there was any rule which said that invitees of the Governor could sit in the official gallery. Despite the MLA’s enquiries, the pro-tem Speaker went with the day’s other proceedings.

Source: The Sangai Express



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