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Career option in Archaeology

Ranjan K Baruah

Many students studying history ask me a common question about their future scope. Most of the students are just limited to teaching or joining some governments’ job as their career choice. In this regard one of the best options for them may be studying archaeology. It is the study of human activity in the past, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that has been left behind by past human populations, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts ,cultural landscapes , etc. The word archeology is derived from two Greek words ‘archaios’ which means ancient things and ‘logos’ which means theory of science. Archaeology was first put to use by the Romans in the eighteenth century but it was given more accuracy by Heinrich Schliemann who brought to light the origins of Greek civilization.

Archaeology can be one of the rewarding and challenging career opportunities for those who are keen to know about the past. It can give awareness about the heritage and tradition of a country or a culture. It is the scientific and systematic study of past and human cultures through the recovery, analysis and documentation of material remains and environmental data, like architecture, artifacts, features, landscapes and biofacts.

Archaeology is a multidisciplinary science which draws help from geography, history, anthropology, chemistry, geology, art and literature. Those who are involved with the studies of archaeological discoveries is termed as Archaeologists. There are courses related to same and aspirant may opt for it. Numismatics, epigraphy, archives and museology are the important branches of Archaeology. One needs to spend time to become successful as it needs patience, training and time for research and learning. Courses related to subjects includes Advance Diploma in Archaeology and Museology , B.A. Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, M.A. Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, M.A. Archaeology, etc. Aspirants may join government services or join teaching. There are different opportunities to be in research and other fields.

ASI: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), under the Ministry of Culture, is the premier organization for the archaeological researches and protection of the cultural heritage of the nation. Maintenance of ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance is the prime concern of the ASI. Besides it regulate all archaeological activities in the country as per the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958. The organization has a large work force of trained archaeologists, conservators, epigraphist, architects and scientists for conducting archaeological research projects through its Circles, Museums, Excavation Branches, Prehistory Branch, Epigraphy Branches, Science Branch, Horticulture Branch, Building Survey Project, Temple Survey Projects and Underwater Archaeology Wing.

Scholarships Update:
1. Chinese government is providing scholarships to Indian students for studying various courses. Chinese Government Scholarship 2017 is under India-China Cultural Exchange Program for the academic year 2017-18 for higher studies/research/specialized training in the different subjects. Aspirants may apply on or before 1st April.
2. The Government of Taiwan is offering 30 full scholarships to Indian students under ”Taiwan Government Scholarship Programme 2017-18″ to pursue Master or PhD degree in universities of Taiwan and some short-term Language Scholarships under Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Programme 2017-18. Interested may apply before 31st March.

Source: The Sangai Express



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