Chief Minister Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu greets Konyaks on the occassion of Aoleang Mongyu


I extend my warm wishes to the Konyaks on the occasion of Aoleang Mongyu festival, the main festival of the Konyaks. It is celebrated in the first week of April every year from 1st – 6th April.

The yearly activities of the old field are over, and the work on another new field has just begun. It marks the end of a year and heralds the coming of a new agrarian year. Let us all pray to the Almighty for a successful and bountiful year and forge ahead with renewed vigor into the coming year.

I am glad that this festival also showcases the rich cultural heritage, with indigenous dances, songs and games combined with the modern musical talents of the Konyak people. We should always protect and preserve our culture and also promote them especially during our festivals.

During this joyous celebration, let us all aim to develop relationships between the government and the people, between people of various communities and bridge communication gaps, and at the same time, promote peace, culture and progress.


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