Class 12 marks may decide your college but not your life


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
“Dream small to achieve big”
You might be in the category of those who are being teased for wearing unbranded cloths and wearing dirty cloths. People must be laughing at you for being poor. Do you know that one day there will be traffic jam in every road that you take because everyone will be praying for if they can see you for once in their life? The trick is simple, just follow your heart you will be the traffic jam creator and if you follow crowd from the beginning of your life, then you will be one of those who got stuck in the traffic.

The person next to you will tease you for how you look in every picture that you take but he didn’t know the best picture is in your heart. One day this world will not leave any photos of you uncut in any magazine because they will paste them on their walls for motivation.
Yes, life will kick everyone but it’s all about how long we can sustain, and those who have pain killers can sustain for a longer period of time and the pain killer is nothing but doing what we love to do in life. Doing what we love to do in life will make you smile always and it will sterilize the pain that life gives you.

Throwing some heavenly truthful lines; 99% of us are confused between what we are good at and what we are bad at. To practically drag this away, we need to perform something; every night before you go to sleep, write all the things that you really love to do but you are scared of. The moment you yourself are very much clear of what you are weak at, you will certainly find a means to overcome it. Most of us have been facing this confusion because we don’t accept our weakness.

Do you dream really big? Do you sometimes feel that what you dream is extremely far and you won’t be able to reach there? 90% of the people lose their ‘will-power’ to keep going towards their dream thinking they are not fit to reach there. Even you will get tired very easily thinking you will never reach. Now, the best way to ‘achieve big’ is ‘dream small.’ Try to create small-small dreams to be fulfilled every-day. And before you go to sleep, write down a small dream that you would like to fulfill the next day defying the normal routine. Trust me, try this out, it will really help you and you will achieve something really big. Because sometimes big dreams turns into big depressions.

Everybody wants to be famous in one way or the other. You need to search for the fame which gives happiness in your heart. And if that happiness is liked by others, you become a celebrity that last forever. But if you are just doing for the sake of making people smile by negotiating with your happiness then that fame will take you to drugs, like most of the celebrities are facing right now.

We keep hearing the sentence, “Power of smile.” You must be thinking ‘smiles’ are only for models. Now, let’s do something to win the hearts of our enemies. Before you go to sleep, write down the name of your enemies and next day when you see them, just give them a sweet ‘smile.’ Trust me, 90% of them will smile back as you have won their hearts, and for those 10% who didn’t smile back they will be cursing themselves inside for not responding to your smile. Yes, this theory has limitations; don’t smile at every girl you see on the road, you might get a tight slap.

People keep saying that, “One mistake can ruin your life.” Seriously? You see, feel, hear and taste inside of you, your way of viewing this nature of life happens inside of you. As it happens inside you, at least you should have a full control of it on how you see, feel, hear and taste. If you can control this, you have already got the tools to create your future in whatever way you want. So ‘one mistake can’t ruin your life’ but give you a funny memory.
In anything or everything that you do, you should always follow your heart. Getting highest mark in ‘physics’ in board exam should not make you land up in becoming a physics professor defying the ‘English’ subject that you love the most just because you scored less in board exams. It’s not about how much you scored but it about how much you are in love with the subject that makes you hungry to learn more.

Never give up just because of some mistakes, they are the proofs that you at least tried. Stop postponing things because ‘later’ becomes ‘never.’ Be the person who wakes up with determination and goes to bed with satisfaction.

Never underestimate yourself because one day the summary of your life will worth 20 mark question in board exam. And your likes and dislikes will be an issue in media. And for the entire board exam appearing students; class 12 marks may decide your college but never your future life. Three hours sitting can never decide your future. Marks are just numbers, not a rating of your success. Why are you scared of getting low marks? 90% of you are scared of getting low marks not because you love to get good marks, it’s all because you are scared of what people might say, you are scared if your friends get more than you, you are tied up with expectations & competitions. You know what? If you go to exam thinking that you will pour out all you learn then you will become the best employee but if you go to exam to still learn more you will become the best employer/boss.

Be different and see the world from different angle.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: The Sangai Express


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