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CM on Congress Party

The attention of the Chief Minister has been drawn to a news reports in the local media wherein the Congress party has made a mountain out of a molehill when party legislators had expressed their sympathies with the former Chief Minister who had to vacate his seat for the sake of peace and harmony in the society.

When there is complete understanding and perfect harmony amongst the NPF and DAN Legislature Parties, the Chief Minister is of the view that no individuals or political parties should try to create misunderstanding and confusion in the minds of the general public.
Unlike the Congress party which is used to have someone calling the shots from behind the Prime Minister as the world witnessed in the UPA regimes, the DAN Government is absolutely clear who the Chief Minister is and what his roles and responsibilities are, and there is no question of a dual Chief Minister in the State. As to the claim of bankruptcy of leaders in the NPF party, the Congress party would do better if it were to look into its own party organization which is now devoid of most of the party stalwarts who had deserted the sinking ship and have now formed a new political party, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of the few leaders who, having nowhere else to go, are still clinging to the last straw that is the Congress party.

If the Congress party has no other issue to raise but to harp on a figure of speech used by an Hon’ble legislator when he said “the NPF party will remain till the second coming of Christ”, it could either be an indication of their insecurity of being reduced to a moribund and almost defunct political party throughout the country, or a public display of their utter lack of issues which are in the public interest.

As national political party, at least in name, the Congress party leaders should exhibit their maturity in their statements in future.

(Issued by Media Cell, Chief Minister’s Office, Nagaland)



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