Compelling need to study outside Time to stop the trend


It is that time of the year again and thousands of students are appearing for their Class XII board exams. Whether the students are appearing for the exam conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Examination, Manipur or the one conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, should make no difference, for ultimately all the universities place equal footage on all the recognised boards/councils. The same thing goes for those appearing for the different entrance tests to professional courses. This is the same story repeated every year and like the previous years, thousands of students will be making a bee line for colleges based outside the State once the Class XII examination results are out. And as pointed out several times earlier in this column, why do students feel the need to go outside the State to pursue their higher studies ? This is a question which need to be raised and sincerely attended to, for sending out one’s child for further studies outside the State entails huge expenditure and not all parents are well placed to meet the expenses. The reality however is, parents do feel the need to send their children outside and it is here that everyone need to start asking why a conducive atmosphere cannot be created, which allow students to pursue their studies undisturbed.

This is not the first time that The Sangai Express has raised this question and it will not the be last one either. It is disturbing to note that even in this age, when it is all about competition, parents and guardians feel compelled to send their children outside the State for higher studies, all because the right atmosphere has not been created here. Just take a look around and the reality should tell its own story. When students are pulled out from their classrooms and made to participate in issues which are strictly adult affairs, or issues which should be dealt by the adults of society, then it says something profound about the state of education of the young students. An issue which should be of concern to all the civil society organisations including student organisations and more particularly the State Government. This is an issue which should have grabbed the attention of the State Government a long time back and now with a new Government under the BJP in place now, the State Government need to see how to set things right. Time for the Government to study how the different civil society organisations and student bodies can be persuaded not to disturb the academic pursuit of the young students and ensure college campuses are not disturbed during any social movement. Let an atmosphere be created so that colleges and students compete with each other in a healthy environment for this is all about preparing for the future.

Source: The Sangai Express


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