House strength must be tested on floor: CP Joshi


As per the decision of the Supreme Court, the governor cannot decide who has the numbers in the House said senior Congress leader CP Joshi.

Speaking to media persons today Joshi said that the number of the House has to be decided on the floor of the House.

He said that in the absence of absolute majority by any party as per precedence, the single largest party should be given the first opportunity to form a government and prove its majority on the floor of the House.

He continued, on March 12 the Congress party elected their CLP leader and went to the Governor and informed that the party has 28 elected leaders and accordingly shown the letter of support of the National People Party which has 4 elected leaders.

Subsequently, Congress party claimed majority and had asked the Governor to invite the party to form the government, he added.

Joshi went on, “On the other hand the BJP without electing their leader went to the Governor and claimed that they have the majority with 32 MLAs. But unfortunately the Governor expressed her satisfied with the BJP.”

“But it is not the Governor to decide the numbers of the House. One has to understand the parliament practices privileges whenever a newly assembly is constituted,” added Joshi.

Joshi stayed away from giving any comment on the chances of Congress forming the government, when asked by the media.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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