Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee lambasted NPF for misleading people, asking their claim of how Zeliang’s “supreme sacrifice” turning into minority tribal card


KOHIMA, Mar 3 (NEPS): Opposition Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has lambasted the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF) for misleading the people, asking as to how they called TR Zeliang’s resignation as “supreme sacrifice” when he publicly stated that he was dislodged from the Chief Minister’s post as he belonged to a minority tribe.
In a statement issued by the NPCC Media Cell here on Friday, the Congress asked NPF to clarify to the “people of Nagaland on whether it approves TR Zeliang’s claim that he was dislodged as CM, just because he was from a minority tribe in Nagaland.”

“This minority tribe remark negates all the tall claims by the NPF about TR Zeliang’s so called supreme sacrifice,” it said and further pointed out that Zeliang himself was responsible for his own downfall. “Explaining his position to the people of Manipur will not absolve him in the eyes of the people of Nagaland,” it added.
The Congress Media cell statement further informed Zeliang and Yitachu that they both got “their facts wrong while comparing Manipur situation on use of central forces since the entire central BJP leadership including Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh have been relentlessly accusing Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh of not using sufficient central security forces to stabilize the situation.”
It said the entire ULB election fiasco and the lawlessness that followed was because of the “indecisiveness and mismanagement on the part of TR Zeliang and the NPF” as they did not even hesitate to “betray the institution of NBCC for their narrow political gains.” Despite writing on the wall, TR Zeliang stood defiantly prolonging the plight of the people until some sanity prevailed among the spineless NPF legislators to abandon him, it alleged.
The Opposition Congress also expressed wonder as NPF allowed the “BJP-RSS to dictate their thinking and policies and become their supreme high command” when they kept talking of their “high command.” NPF should realize that by pointing accusing finger at Congress, their three fingers pointed back at them were accusing them of succumbing to BJP-RSS high command that was “hell bent on destroying our culture and way of life,” it added.
“The flip flops of NPF campaign in Manipur are not helping our brethren either. It is ironic that NPF Spokesman Achumbemo during recent election rally in Tamenglong (Manipur) had urged people not to vote for communal BJP. NPF should explain how the BJP becomes communal party in Manipur while they have no inhibitions to be together in Nagaland,” the Congress said.

Source: NEP News


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