NPCC is the backbone of ACAUT


As the saying goes, Birds of same feather flock together. Now, marginalized Congress party leaders under the aegis of NPCC and ACAUT are singing the same tune back to back of their composed songs to show their existence in the public domain! However, the NPF party considers the ACAUT members as backdoor political agents with their own political axes to grind.

With general election approaching, the few leftover NPCC leaders are trying to echo the voice of fanatic ACAUT members who have been doing everything to tarnish the image of the government and the NPF party. The ideologies of the Congress party are outdated and the public have rejected the party in the last three general elections in the State. Moreover, the Congress legislators themselves have left the party for good because they have also been frustrated and disenchanted with the ideology of the Congress. The NPCC should do series of exercise to look into how their own weakness and their past misrule where corruption was at its height, have in fact sown the seed of discontentment and disenchantment with it in the minds of the people. It should then own responsibility for the imbalances created in the society that has its roots back to the Congress regime.

The motives of ACAUT are clear for any layman to understand: ACAUT leaders have started displaying their political colour in the guise of common issues. The NPF is pro-poor party, and therefore, it shall not do anything detrimental to public benefit. In its endeavor for progressiveness of the people under the party government, the party advices its legislators to work within the laid down rules and procedures to give best governance to the people throughout its tenure and, lacuna (if any) detected in the system, should be rectified or corrected without delay as and when brought to the notice of appropriate authorities.
However, the ACAUT have started to pour out their hidden political ambitions having unholy nexus with political parties such as the NPCC. The NPF is convinced by today’s statement of NPCC in defense of the ACAUT that it has been proved beyond doubt that the NPCC and ACAUT are the two faces of the same coin. This unholy nexus will be short-lived for sure as their ego will not take them long to clash with each other, and the NPF is ever ready to face them together in the coming election if the general election is to be held on time.

Issued by
Media & Press Bureau
NPF Central, Kohima


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