Press Release by Khurmi Regional Administration


The Khurmi Regional Administration functions with the full support and cooperation of the Naga people since its inception. We are well verse as far as Khurmi land is concerned. We are fully aware of the Do’s and Don’ts and also anything best for the Naga people. The statement of NSCN/GPRN (U) and NSCN/GPRN(R) in media warning chiefs, individual, groups, societies etc. during such critical stage is uncalled for. The people of Khurmi has face election since long and thus knows to the core how to exercise their valuable franchise. On top, it is a known fact that no organization other than NSCN (IM) exist in Khurmi land. Therefore, such kinds of intimidating in any form will explode to unwanted situation.

Let the people of Khurmi decide what is best for generation to come.

CAO, Caretaker, Khurmi Region.


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