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Senapati Tripartrite Talk Successful: United Naga Council (UNC) to lift Economic Blockade from midnight tonight

Imphal, March 9: United Naga Council (UNC) to lifts economic blockade from midnight today
Senapati Tripartite Talk fruitful with positive result as UNC has announced to lift the 139 days long indefinite Economic Blockade from the National Highways of Manipur from midnight today after 4 hours of talk with representatives of GOI, Manipur Government and representatives of UNC at DRDA hall, at Senapati district head quarter.
The talk begins at 1.35 pm and took a break at 2:30 pm and resumed after 10 minutes. The 1st round talk concluded at 4.10 pm. Earlier Joint Secy. to MHA, NE incharge Satyender Garg had said that the result of the talk was positive. The UNC representatives did not immediately announced to lift the blockade but held meeting with other members of the UNC at its head quarter. After around 30 minutes the UNC’s spokesperson announced that they had decided to lift the blockade with immediate effect.
Further, it is reported that Government to release Gaidon Kamei and Stephen unconditionally immediately. All cases booked against Naga Leaders to be closed. The next Tripartite Talk to be held within a month.


  1. It is necesary to settle all the issues without further delay. creating unwanted atmosphere within the communities of Manipur by the Law Makers is fed-up. Creation of ditricts without the knowledge of HAC and the like brings misfortune to the common men. Law makers should not forget to go through their laws. Laws should be made for themselves too. It is a must for the Elected Representatives to look at different corners and serve the people ever best during their tenure. It is unusual to say that ‘a game of bloodshed is a game of administrative convenience.’ Political success comes and goes; but, integrity remains forever.


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