4 KRA members has been arrested by a combined team.


Today morning, around 4 am, 4 persons of KRA Renegade Group has been arrested by a combined team of Kangpokpi Police led by H. Balram Singh, MPS, SP Kangpokpi and CDO Imphal East/Imphal West led by K.Meghachandra Singh, MPS, Addl.Sp  (Ops)IE and assisted by Robinsun Khamnam DSP-CDO/IE and Inspt. B. Lunthang Vaiphei of CDO-IE from Kangpokpi.

These persons used to extort money from the drivers who travels on the National Highway 2. They even demand by kidnapping drivers & handymans also. They also were the one who collects money from Henbung Check Post.

It is also reported that they used to extort money from passengers and passenger bus by firing rounds of bullets.

5 mobile phones along with 9 sim cards has been recovered, though no recovery has been made on the arms and ammunitions which they have been using.

The arrested persons has been identified as:
1.Demminthang Haokip @ Stephen (38)yrs S/O Ningthoujam Gobardhan Singh of Kangpokpi Ward No.12 . Rank – S/S Sgt. Maj. and I/C Finance.
2. Sogoulal Baite @ Lalboi (30) S/O Lhunjang Jang Baite of L. Lhangnom Village , Rank S/S Lance Corporal.
3.Hengoulen Haokip @ Haosapu @ Yago (18) S/O Jangmang Haokip of Satang Kuki Village -Rank – Private and
4.Thanglalmon Chongloi @ Calvin (30) S/O Kaikam Chongloi of Taphou Kuki Village – Rank – Private.



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