Appoint a Manipuri as AG :Joykisan


IMPHAL, Apr 24: MPCC spokesperson and MLA Kh Joykisan has said that the State Government is going against the wishes of the people by trying to appoint a non Manipuri as the Advocate General and added that it would be in the best interest of all to appoint a local instead.

Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan today, the MLA said that it would not be wise for the State Government to ignore the protest and demands of the people and various students and civil society organisations.

Pointing out that the Government must sometimes listen to the Opposition, Joykisan conveyed that it is the duty of the Government to respect the demands of the people and it would be the right step to appoint a Manipuri as the Advocate General.

“One student lost his life and many sustained injuries during the demand for the implementation of Inner Line Permit system in the State and it would not be right for both the Ruling and the Opposition Members to keep mum on the issue”, he added.
Joykisan said that the 60 Members of the House were elected by the people as their representatives and as such it is their dutt to fulfil the demands of the people regarding implementation of the ILP system and to take up measures to save the indigenous population of the State and check the alarming influx of non locals.

He further stated that the State Government should invite the Opposition for reassessment and reformation of the Bills which were passed by the House but were withheld by the President. The MLA expressed that it would be wise to take the feedback from various sections of society, the JCILPS and other various civil society organisations and to try and pass a new set of Bills during the monsoon session of the Assembly.

Claiming that the Congress Party is always ready to discuss with the Government regarding the well being of the State and would always support any measures to save the indigenous population, Joykisan said that if the State Government ever goes against the wishes of the people, the Congress Party would take up necessary steps and actions even if the civil organisations fail to protest.

He said that the Congress Party would mount pressure during the Monsoon session to prepare a new set of Bills and for a trial run before it is passed or enforced.
Replying to a query regarding disqualification cases, Joykisan said that MPCC has already lodged a complaint under the 10th Schedule for the disqualification of the MLAs who won the election through the Congress tickets but later defected to the BJP.

He claimed that it is against the Indian Constitution and undemocratic for the Speaker to refrain from taking up disqualification action against the said MLAs adding that the case would be taken to the High Court and the Supreme Court if the authority fails to do so. Expressing belief that the Speaker would take up necessary action at the earliest, Joykisan claimed that the MLAs who defected to BJP had violated the Constitution and misused their powers as MLAs.

On the other hand, The Joint Committee on the Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), in a press release issued today, has warned against appointing a non local for the post of the Advocate General.

Further expressing disappointment at the appointment of a non local as the Advisor of the Chief Minister, it urged the authority concerned to take up necessary measures to check the alarming influx of non locals.

Source: The Sangai Express


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