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Appointment of an IAS Officer as JNIMS Director previously by Ibobi and now at RIMS by Modi Govt

Dr Th Suresh Singh
It was somewhere in April, 2015 that an IAS officer Suresh Babu was appointed as Director of our only medical college JNIMS temporarily. Your Opinion Maker was the only one who openly challenged the same through this column and Hueiyen Lanpao (April & August). It was also pointed out that the same was against IMC rules and may lead to de-recognition of our only medical college. Another theme pointed out was the inaction of many doctors’ organisations and students’ bodies. That adhocism was terminated with appointment of Dr. Deven as Director in July, 2015 after strong intervention by MCI officials with threat of de-recognition is worth to recall.

Now the same disease is repeated with the appointment of an IAS RK Dinesh as officiating Director of RIMS, our only Medical college under union health ministry. Whether the appointment is adhocism or officiating, we have to be very clear that it is against MCI rules and may lead to de-recognition of the medical college. Surprise of surprises is that knowing fully well that this one step will jeopardise the carrier of many MBBS / PG students, the union health minster did this mistake openly.

Here again, inaction and timid characters of many of our professional bodies are seen . Where has gone our IMA (Manipur branch), the Teachers’ Asson RIMS and other students’ Asson of the same college? Where had gone our own JNIMS’ Teacher Asson? Where is our Manipur Health Services Asson where your writer nourished to the maximum strength even going to 2 times suspension from services fighting for justice of medical profession ? I really feel sorry for these professional bodies.

Our civil societies and other students’ organisations also should not remain a silent spectator. I really wonder our society, which is habituated to bandhs/protests etc. for a mere cause, still remain dormant for such a big mistake! The same is true for our media brethren. It is time that our media be more vigilant and reactive. We should point out this to PMO and demand immediate rolling back of this order.

It is apparent that PM and his office will not be knowing this irregularity as PMO has no hand. Our new CM and State BJP should immediately intervene by pointing out to the Union Health Minister and to PM Modi and demanding rolling back of this controversial order. Not only that, they should demand non-repetition of the same in future. This will bring more credibility to the new government and more appreciation from the public.

Strange things do happen in Manipur. Previously at JNIMS by Ibobi and now at RIMS by Modi Govt., an IAS has been appointed as a head of a Medical College violating Indian Medical Council Rules. Such things never happen in other state, why in Manipur? We can take it as 8th wonder of the world. Many such things do happen in our problem-riddle Manipur, in our Sana Leibak Manipur. As an Opinion Maker, I am only to point out and pray that our society should remain vigilant and demand justice time to time.

(The writer is ex-Director of Health Services, Government of Manipur)



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