Battle of Kanglatongbi rememberance day observed


Like every year, members of Imphal Campaign Foundation WW2 paid floral tributes along with few minutes of silence in remembrance to the martyrs of the battle of Kanglatongbi at the Kanglatongbi War Memorial War Cemetery, Kanglatongbi, Imphal West District today, on behalf of those family members whose forefathers have laid down their lives during the battle against the Axis (Japanese) Force.

The very Battle of Kanglatongbi also known as Battle of Lion Box was fought between the Axis (Japanese) Force and Allied Force and in memory of the exemplary courage, bravery, supreme sacrifice and unflinching devotion to duty made by the Ordnance personnel of 221 Advance ordnance depot during the battle, the modest war memorial was constructed.

During the Second World War (1942-1945) when the marauding Japanese forces were trying to open their line of communication to Kohima, a small but determined detachment of the 221 Advance Ordnance Depot put a stiff resistance stalling the advance of Japanese forces till reinforcement arrived and turned the tide against the Japanese.

Photos by Ranbir Laishram.


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