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Bishnupur citizens launch forum for development

BISHNUPUR, APRIL 23: Residents of Greater Bishnupur today launched an organization called Citizens Development Forum, (CDF) Bishnupur to act as a watchdog for the welfare of the people here at Bishnupur Headquarters.

Acknowledging the general development deficit in all the 12 wards under Bishnupur Municipal Council (BMC), Bishnupur District Headquarters, concerned citizens today came together under a single body to identify key developmental issues that have stunted progress and projected welfare.

In a convention well attended by ward representatives from BMC areas held at Bishnupur Community Hall, the citizens adopted a four-point resolution. These resolutions include:
The meeting decided to form an organisation called Citizens Development Forum (CDF) Bishnupur.

The house elected 20 ward representatives to constitute the executive body of CDF.
Top 5 key issues related to improving the livelihood and mitigating underdevelopment hurdles of Greater Bishnupur were identified on a priority basis for further actions. The five issues are a) Rectification of Public Distribution System (PDS), b) improvement of water supply, c) streamlining and timely distribution of entitled Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or cooking gas, d) General health related issues and e) improving the status of Education System in the district headquarters.

Next meeting will be held on April 30, 2017 (Sunday) for election of office bearers. During the convention, select speakers spoke on development deficit in the Greater Bishnupur area and expressed dismay with the current state of affairs. During the convention, former Executive Officer of BMC N. Sanajaoba Singh delivered the introductory address. During his speech, Sanajaoba gave a detailed backdrop to the convention citing the urgent need for launching a forum. He said there was a need for a forum to address the problems confronting the citizens of Greater Bishnupur comprising of 12 wards.

Key persons who spoke during the convention include, N. Tombi, former counselor Ward No.7, Dr. W. Gulapi, former Joint Director, Health and Family Welfare Deptt, M. Bilki, Agriculture consultant, Dr. N. Dhananjoy, veteran Child Specialist, Th. Yaima, Retired Professor and Chingakham Shyam, social worker. The convention was conducted by G. Tombi Sharma.

Convention Convenor
N. Sanajaoba



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